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Hydraulically plunged suction hose

All strenuous operations connected with standard hose maintenance and transport can be
quickly eliminated by equipping the slurry tanker with plunged suction hose. It is an additional
hydraulic arm mounted on the side in the back part of the tank, to which 4” or 5” suction hose is
hanged. The hose is moved by lowering or lifting the arm.
Hydraulically plunged suction hose can be controlled from tractor's cab or through the
divider placed on tanker's drawbar. Arm's turn at an angle of 90 degrees allow precise insertion of
the hose end into opening of the tank with liquid.
Suction hose among other things can be used for emptying underground tanks and cesspits as
well as for filling sprayers tanks.

Plunged suction hose can be used with slurry tankers of any type or capacity.

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