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Rotary water gun

Rotary water gun


The water gun body with a rotary elbow is mounted on the pumping pipe of the tanker, supplied by the "JULIA" pumping unit. The rotary elbow is driven by a hydraulic motor through a worm gear. The water gun pipe with a nozzle and an interfering finger is bolted to the elbow.


The gun should be supplied with a fluid under pressure of about 4 bar in order to shoot a contracted stream of the liquid to distance of approximately 30 m. The fluid stream can be divided by appropriate setting of the interfering finger.

The stream operation can be hydraulically controlled within 180 scope directly  from the tractor cabin.
NOTE: The water gun has been designed to assemble on slurry tankers with "JULIA" pumping unit.


  • crops watering, sprinkling and fertilising
  • end-stage fire extinguishing in the woods and in the fields
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