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Dribble bar with dragged hoses type 3

Dribble bar with dragged hoses type 3


A three-way pipe with a horizontal, ball-valve closed pipe, is mounted to the rear gate valve of the vehicle. In the main pipe, there are 10 connection pipes with discs, controlling the outflow of liquid manure through fire hoses. The tilting frames allow folding of the hoses.


Manual lowering of the frames with hoses allows outflow of pressurised liquid manure from the tank through the gate valve and the distribution pipe. The outflow is controlled by the adjustable discs with holes, mounted on the connection pipes. Closure of the ball valves on the pipe allows emptying the tank with the spreading spoon.


  • on-soil and even fertilisation of pastures and grasslands
  • inter-row application of homogenised liquid manure

Dribble bar with dragged hoses type 3
  • length - 400 mm
  • width - 3 000 mm
  • height - 600 mm
  • unladen weight - 85 kg
  • working width - 3 m
  • number of hoses - 10 szt.
  • hoses spacing - 300 mm
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