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Manually controlled dribble bars type - Typ 9, 12

Manually controlled dribble bars type  - Typ 9, 12


The dribble bars carrying frame, together with the rear frame and unfolding lateral arms is mounted to the tank frame. A mixer is mounted on the rear frame, distributing liquid manure into PVC hoses mounted on the arms, then to the three-way pipes dividing each manure flow into two dragged fire hoses. Tilted frames with hose guides are lifted and lowered manually. The double-section hydraulic distributor on the rearframe allows opening and closing of the arms and starts the mixer. Structure rigidity is ensured by stays between the frame and the tank bottom.


Detach the lateral dribble bars arms manually from the transport hooks and unfold them entirely with the hydraulic distributor. Lower the titled frames with hoses manually and start the mixer. Pressurised liquid manure will flow to the mixer and, through the distributing hoses, to the three- way pipes where its flow will be distributed to the dragged hoses. For transport, the dribble bars should, again, be folded. NOTE: Liquid manure application with the spreading is possible without dismantling the dribble bars but after installing extension connection pipe.


  • on-soil and even fertilisation ewith homogenised liquid manure of pastures, grasslands and meadows
  • inter-row application
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