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Disc Blade Injector 3

Disc Blade Injector 3


Injector consists of a hydraulically rotated shaft attached through the brackets with bearings to the tank frame. The injector frame has got two rows of disc blades and resistance wheels. A distributor is mounted in the upper part of the frame with eight discharge hoses and one pumping hose.


Through the turning shaft, hydraulic cylinders are lifting the injector or lowering it, pushing the disc blades into soil. Liquid manure flows under pressure from the distributor down into the grooves made by the front row of disc blades. The rear row of disc blades backfill the grooves. Manure application depth is set by adjustable resistance wheels. The application of liquid manure into soil to the depth of max 100-150 mm is to reduce the losses of nitrogen compounds from the manure, its washing out of soil and the environmentally noxious, so-called, "odour effect".
NOTE: Spilling with the spreading spoon is possible after dismounting the injector frame together with the disc blades.


Soil-applied fertilization with homogenised liquid manure of:

  • stubbles
  • pre-crop application
  • idle lands

Disc Blade Injector 3
  • length - 1 650 mm
  • width - 3 000 mm
  • height - 1 800 mm
  • unladen weight - 850 kg
  • working width - 2,8 m
  • number of coulters - 8 + 8 szt.
  • groove spacing - 350 mm
  • injection depth - 100 - 150 mm
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