Slurry container with multilift system

A slurry container has got the following components in its standard equipment:

  • JUROP compressor with a hydraulic drive
  • damper - oil recuperator
  • 4” suction hose 6 m long, with fire couplings
  • 4” manual valve with fire coupling
  • two plugged lateral connection pipes
  • overflow tank
  • float valve
  • overflow safety device
  • sight-glasses
  • Ø200 upper hatch

A slurry container, beside its standard version, can also be manufactured in a special version and can have additional components, extending its functionality:

  • agricultural male and female PERROT couplings
  • tank with frame painted with special set of paints
  • brass gate valves on the side of the tank
  • hydraulic control of gate valve
  • Ø 420 mm upper hatch, manual or hydraulic
  • hydraulic worm stirrer
  • ladder
  • sprinkling distributors for backward or sideward
  • hydraulic plunged suction hose