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For corn crops injector mounting – PN-100/2

For corn crops injector mounting – PN-100/2


Slurry tanker PN-100 is designed as self-supporting tank, mounted on a single-axle chassis.


A steel, hot galvanised tank with central frame has internal strengthening rings and baffle. Closed rear head with Ø600 hatch and two connection pipes. 3” sight-glasses are mounted on the front head and connection pipes for valves on sides of the tank. A Ø 200 mm hatch and overflow safety device are placed in the upper part of the tank.


As a standard JUROP PN 58M compressor is mounted on the drawbar.


A hydraulically controlled 5” gate valve with a lifted spreading spoon and 5” manual gate valve are mounted on the rear head. A 2" c connection pipe is mounted on the bottom of the tank, allowing to connect an additional discharge hose, e.g., for crops watering.


On request, the slurry tanker can be equipped with a pipe, stirring the tank contents during discharge or with a hydraulically driven worm stirrer stirring continuously.


Tank filling is achieved by vacuum, made in the tank by the compressor, driven by a PTO shaft from the tractor. Tank emptying is done by overpressure or gravitationally enforced.


Sprinkling is done by a spreading spoon, which is a part of the standard tanker equipment. On request, other spreading devices can be used. Slurry tanker is adapted for mounting dribble bars 9m, disc blade injector 2 and four or sixcoulter corn crops injector.


The tanker has got a CE declaration of conformity. The approval certificate allows vehicle registration and opens free access to public roads.


  • pumping out of liquid waste, manure, municipal wastes
  • crops watering, sprinkling and fertilising
  • transport and spreading onto fields and grasslands
  • end-stage fire extinguishing in the woods and in the fields
  • water transport to building sites and roads
For corn crops injector mounting – PN-100/2
  • length - 7 490 mm
  • width - 2 550 mm
  • height - 2 900 mm
  • unladen weight - 3 100 kg
  • gross weight- 11 600 kg
  • tank capacity - 10 000 l
  • number of wheels - 2
  • wheel track - 2 200 mm
  • tyres - 14.00 - 24
  • vertical load - 16 KN
  • tractor horsepower - 100 HP
  • filling time- 5 min
  • spreading spoon spilling width- 14 m
  • compressor type - JUROP PN 58M
  • compressor capacity - 6 500 l / min

A slurry tanker has got the following components in its standard equipment:

  • 5" suction hose 6 m long, with a suction strainer
  • compressor with a safety valve
  • lifted spreading spoon
  • damper - oil recuperator
  • mudguards
  • float valve in the upper part of the tank
  • overflow tank
  • sight-glasses in the front head
  • manometer
  • adjustable supporting foot
  • replaceable tow eye
  • single-line braking system
  • 12 V electrical system
  • hydraulic system for opening the discharge valve
  • applicator hydraulic supply system

A slurry tanker, beside its standard version, can also be manufactured in a special version and can have
additional components, extending its functionality:

  • tyres 700/50x22.5 or 600/55x22.5
  • tank with special paint coating
  • gate valves on sides of the tank
  • Ø 420 mm upper hatch, manual or hydraulic
  • ladder
  • glass-tube level indicator
  • discharge pipe with a 2" valve
  • compressor PN 84M or other
  • PTO shaft
  • sprinkling distributors for backward or sideward
  • double-line braking system
  • swivel tow eye or other
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