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PW-300 slurry tanker with hydraulic Quadro chassis

length - 12 000 mm

width - 3 000 mm

height - 3 700 mm

unladen weight - 14 700 kg

gross weight - 44 700 kg

tank capacity - 30 000 l

number of wheels - 8

wheel track - 2 150 mm

tyres - 700 / 50 x 26,5

vertical load - 30 KN

tractor horsepower - 300 HP

filling time - 15 min

arm length – 9600 mm

suction depth – 3500 mm

pump capacity – 3000 l/min

angle of rotation – 270



Slurry tanker PW-300 is designed as a tank mounted on the frame with four-axle QADRO chassis. The chassis is equipped with hydraulic shock absorption system. Front and rear axles are steering axles synchronised with a tractor. Sprung drawbar has adjustable hitch height.



A steel, hot galvanized tank has internal strengthening rings and baffles. Closed rear head with Ø600 hatch. Glass-tube level indicator and two sight-glasses are mounted on the front head and connection pipes for valves on sides of the tank. Two Ø 600 mm hatches are placed in the upper part of the tank and Ø 250 mm hatch for cleaning and maintenance at the front.



An extension arm composed of three segments with hydraulic plunged pump and Ø250 mm suction hose is fixed in swivel seating at the tank’s back door of PW tanker. After activating tractor’s hydraulic system a control panel should be used to lift the end of the arm with the pump from a drain tub and plunge it into the tank with slurry. Then the pump should be started to fill the tank. Excess of liquid will be carried away with Ø125 mm hose to a septic tank. The pump with the arm should be placed in the drain tub.

By closing and opening adequate valves prepare the tanker to start a rear pump which:

-         will deliver liquid through a hose on arm and pump to another tank or machine operating on the field

-         will deliver liquid on spreading spoon or discharge hose

The whole arm is hydraulically controlled through a panel controlling solenoid valves.



PW-300 slurry tanker with the rotary arm with pump is designed for independent slurry filling and transport as well as for pumping to tanks or machines on a field. After mounting spreading spoon it is possible to spread independently.



A slurry tanker, beside its standard version, can also be manufactured in a special version and can have additional components, extending its functionality:

  • tyres 700/50x22.5 or 600/65x23
  • tank with special paint coating
  • gate valves on sides of the tank
  • manual or hydraulic Ø 420 mm upper hatch
  • ladder
  • additional 3” sight-glasses
  • swivel tow eye or other
  • hydraulic supprting foot


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