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PN-3/18 slurry tanker with tank’s incised structure

Slurry tanker PN-3/18 is designed as self-supporting tank, mounted on a double-axle sprung chassis with rear steering axle.

A steel hot galvanised incised tank with central frame, internal strengthening rings and baffles. The tank is adapted for aggregation with an injector. Closed rear head with Ø600 hatch and two connection pipes. Glass-tube level indicator is mounted on the front head and two 6” connection pipes for valves on sides of the tank. A Ø 600 mm hatch and overflow safety device are placed in the upper part of the tank. The slurry tanker is equipped with hydraulically suspended and adjusted drawbar which has oil recuperator and exhaust silencer mounted inside. A compressor BALLAST 16000 of Battioni Pagani company is mounted on drawbar’s plate. The slurry tanker is equipped in standard with: 6” suction hose (6m) with suction strainer, lifted spreading spoon, mudguards fixed directly to the tank, manometer, adjusted supporting foot, replaceable tow eye, braking system, overflow container, electric installation and hydraulic gate valve.


Advantages coming from applied design solutions

1.    Hydraulically suspended and adjusted drawbar

Use of such solution in the drawbar effects on shock absorption both from a tractor and a trailer which reflects in smooth drive. Damping of all vibrations and shocks has directly effect on extending the life of the slurry tanker.

Hydraulically adjusted drawbar gives the possibility to optimally aggregate the tractor with the slurry tanker.

2.    Damper – oil recuperator – integrated with the drawbar

Integrating the damper (oil recuperator) with the drawbar allows to obtain better results in noise suppression during compressor operation. Enlargement of inlet and outlet channels reduces air losses and effects in achieving better operation conditions for compressor.

3.    Upper location of compressor’s suction pipe end

Such solution allows reducing amount of contaminants getting into the compressor during field works. It has a direct effect on extending the life of the compressor.

4.    Tank’s incised structure

Incised tank allows to obtain smaller height and this has an effect on increasing the stability during driving. We also obtain better location of a centre of gravity.

Such design effects on reducing the width of entire tanker.

5.    Large wheels dimension

Due to the application of large wheels dimensions with diameter ø165 cm and width 75 cm, through increase of contact surface we achieve lesser rolling friction and lesser diesel oil consumption. Wheel life is increased and additionally we minimize plants damages and        soil concentration.

6.    Compressor BALLAST 16000

The BALLAST 16000 is Battioni Pagani latest generation heavy duty pump. It offers world class top performances and increased structural resistance achieved despite reduced weight and size compared with its predecessor and any other similar product available on the market.

The BALLAST 16000 is equipped with a newly designed high performance air injection cooling system enabling continuous operation at low temperatures and at 70% range of vacuum allowing longer running times also at maximum vacuum (95%). The BALLAST 16000 features the Crash Protection System a sliding flanges protection mechanism that prevents the housing or rotor to break of in case of vanes crash. The pump is easily repairable inexpensively in field.

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