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Fire tanker PN - 80

Fire tanker PN - 80

Specialized  slurry  tanker PN-80 FIRE TANKER  is designed  for  fire extinguishing  in  their  terminal  stages  in  the  woods,  fields,  etc.  It cooperates with a farm tractor equipped with a lower transport catch. Tanker with a drawbar mounted on a single axle chassis can be filled from a hydrant or  from any water  reservoir.


Standard version
PN-80 FIRE TANKER in standard version is equipped with JULIA-58 pumping unit (compressor-pump) driven by a shaft  from  the  tractor. The  compressor  is  used  for  filling  the  tank.  After  switching  the transmission, an  impeller pump  is activated and  it passes water  to a  fire hose under pressure of max 5 bar.


Version with a gun
Apart from standard equipment the tanker can be equipped with hydraulically controlled water gun mounted in the upper part of the tank. The gun hydraulically controlled from tractor's cab turns right or left and changes its inclination angle. The gun supplied from JULIA pumping unit can dispense water in any place within the range about 30 m.


Version with a platform
Instead of hydraulically controlled gun, a manually controlled gun can be mounted in the upper part of the tank. Operator standing on a special platform directs water jet under pressure of about 4 bar, precisely into demanded place.


Version with a gasoline water pump
Apart from the above mentioned equipment, the tanker can have gasoline water pump PS-50 placed in special box at the side of the tank. The pump allows to use the tanker without the drive from the tractor. The pump draws the water from the tank and passes it under pressure of 2.5 bar into Ø52 fire hose. Additionally, manual winding reel with a rubber hose 20 m long and with a fire-hose nozzle can be mounted in the box next to the pump.


PN-80 FIRE TANKER is an universal device where tank emptying can take place not only by the impeller pumps but also by a compressor under pressure of 0.5 bar. MEPROZET KOŚCIAN S.A. will make the tanker in any other configuration and tank capacity.

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