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Hydraulic stirrer

       Often during the transport of some slurries, for example, liquid manure from non-straw-bedded farming from stationary tanks to a cultivation area, stratification (sedimentation) of a fluid occurs. Sediments formed on the bottom make emptying the whole tank of a slurry tanker difficult.
       This problem can effectively be avoided when using internal hydraulically driven worm stirrer. Tank contents can be continuously stirred during the transport to a field or during emptying process as well. Thanks to this, slurry passed onto the spreading spoon or another spreading equipment has got easy to spread fluid consistence.
       Hydraulic motor placed outside the  tank  ensures failure-free  work, connections leaktightness and high efficiency of stirring the slurry.

NOTE: A tractor with minimum four external hydraulic connections is needed to cooperate with a slurry tanker equipped with hydraulic stirrer.

Hydraulic stirrer can be used with any type or capacity of a slurry tanker.

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