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Dribble bars with dragged hoses type DT-10


  • length - 700 mm
  • width - 3 000 mm
  • height - 1 800 mm
  • unladen weight - 320 kg
  • working width - 3 m
  • number of hoses - 10 szt.
  • hoses spacing - 300 mm



A hydraulically lowered frames with hoses are designed to discharge liquid manure under pressure from a tank through a gate valve and a dividing pipe. Discs with holes mounted on connector pipes allow to adjust discharge volume. Closure of ball valves placed on the pipe enable to empty the tank with a spreading spoon. Discharge hoses with springs guarantee continuous contact of a cutting knife with a ground.



  • soil-applied, uniform fertilization of pastures and grasslands
  • inter-row fertilization with homogenised liquid manure
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