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Hydraulically controlled dribble bars 9m - 16m

Hydraulically controlled dribble bars 9m - 16m


The frame with a hydraulically lifted and lowered trolley is mounted to the extension arms through articulated joints. The rear frame with distibutor, lateral arms and titled frames is suspended onn the trolley. The distributor is supplied from the tank through a pumping hose. Discharge hoses coming out from distributor are secured to the tilting frames. Rigdity of the entire structure is ensured by stays, connecting the dribble bars frame with the tank bottom.


The entire control of dribble bars is possible through the hydraulic system of the tractor and avaiable from the tractor cabin on a button panel through the block of solenoid valves. The entire dribble bars should be lifted, the arms and frames with hoses should be unfolded. Then the dribble bars should be lowered to required heigh. The gate valve should be opened and the distributor started. Pressurised liquid manure will flow to the distributor where its flow will be distributed to the dragged hoses. After working procedure is finished, fold the dribble bars to transport position. NOTE: LIquid manure application with the spreading spoon is possible without dribble bars dismanting through special discharge elbow.


  • on-soil and even fertilisation with homogenised liquid manure of pastures, grasslands and meadows
  • inter-row application
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