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Four-coulter Injector

Four-coulter Injector


Injector consists of a hydraulically rotated shaft on which four coulters are hinged. A distributor with ball valves and hoses is mounted on the discharge connection pipe through which liquid manure flows down to the discharge pipes behind the coulters. Application depth can be adjusted by an appropriate mounting of the coulter arm with an articulated joint. One bolt plays the role of a shear bolt.


During driving, rotate the shaft by hydraulic cylinders pushing the coulters into soil. Opening of the discharge gate valve enables outflow of liquid manure through the hoses into rows behind the coulters. Pressure drops on the gauge indicates that the tank is empty. Lifting the coulters cause their automatic folding into transport position. The application of liquid manure into soil to the depth of max 200 mm is to reduce the losses of nitrogen compounds from the manure, its washing out of soil and the environmentally noxious so-called "odour effect".
NOTE: Liquid manure application either with the spreading spoon or with the coulter injector can be done alternately, without any mounting readjustments.


Soil-applied fertilization with homogenised liquid manure of:

  • stubbles
  • pre-crop application
  • idle lands

Four-coulter Injector
  • length - 1 340 mm
  • width - 2 550 mm
  • height - 1 200 mm
  • unladen weight - 720 kg
  • working width - 3 m
  • number of coulters - 4 szt.
  • coulters spacing - 750 mm
  • injection depth - max 200 mm
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